The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Which Direction. Gold D of E expeditionHebridean Pursuits Ltd is an Approved Activity Provider for Expeditions and Residentials for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Why do it the same way as everyone else?!…

We offer:

  • progressive, relevant, exciting, challenging and educational expeditions at both a training and assessment level
  • innovative ideas relevant and inspirational to young people
  • training and qualifying expeditions for all qualifying award levels
  • adventures designed around young people’s interests and ambitions

We offer the following training, support and assessment packages:

Silver Skate Boarding ExpeditionClassic Back Packing Expeditions:

Journeys with a tent. Based in The Lake District and The Scottish Highlands. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Qualifiers.

Coasteering Expeditions:

We were the first to consider, run and organise  coasteering expeditions based in Oban and on the Isle of  Mull. Each expedition we have run so far has been immensely rewarding and popular.

Journey along the coastline, in the sea and across wonderful beaches. This activity can be taken at Silver or Gold level. We supply all specialised quipment.

Long Distance Skateboarding:

Outdoor LearningAn exciting, challenging and modern mode of travel and another completely different idea  we had and made happen. We run these expeditions at Silver Level. The expeditions are  based on the Island of Tiree and the training is carried out close to Oban or in the Scottish Central Belt.  We supply all technical equipment.

Scrambling and Mountain Climbing:

Silver and Gold training and qualifying expeditions are based in the Lake District and Glencoe, Scotland. Combine hill walking with hands on scrambling up ridges and faces.

Gain skills training from mountaineering instructors and have a truly brilliant mountain adventure.

All our D of E expeditions and training courses are created around your ambitions and group’s needs.  Call us for a chat about your requirements.

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